Consultation Practice Management and Billing Services

Speech Therapy Group has seen the challenges faced by owning and running a private practice.  We want to share our knowledge and our know how to other clinicians and business owners.  We have found three main areas which can inhibit growth of a practice, and these include developing proper systems and growth strategies, managing a practice and billing or collection systems. Therefore we have designed these areas to service others practices in need.


Speech Therapy Group has many years of experience in starting, growing and managing a private practice.  We have experienced many facets of practice growth.  Developing systems and services that can improve private practice enhancement has become a strong area of interest.  We want to empower private practitioners on their journey to becoming successful business owners and entrepreneurs so they can accomplish their dreams.  Therefore, we have designed a consultation plan just right for your business.  We will provide you with consultative assistance on whatever level you are needing to grow your private practice from systems, to marketing and growing your practice.

Practice Management

Speech Therapy Group has developed the systems and protocols to better provide insightful practice management.  Running a private practice takes a lot of know how. Allowing a practice manager to analyze data and handle all areas of a growing private practice is a key aspect of administration.  When starting a private practice or growing one, not everyone can afford a full time practice manager. Therefore Speech Therapy Group can offer these services based on your individual practice management needs.

Billing & AR Services

We at Speech Therapy Group pride ourselves on our organizational skills.  Billing or submitting claims are the easy part, but actually working the claim through its completion for payment is the key to a successful billing cycle.   For many years we outsourced our billing services thinking let the others handle this, until we discovered how much money we were losing.  Now that we have developed our own systems and built our own billing team we can improve cash flow and collections for others.  Now that we know what it takes, we want to offer that expertise to other practitioners in need of help from credentialing, to billing and collections.