Speech Therapy at The Speech Therapy Group was a phenomenal experience for my son.

“Our therapist, Melanie, was patient, positive, willing to collaborate with our other therapists and extremely effective. A careful observer, she diagnosed my son’s particular articulation and pragmatic concerns immediately and put together a clear plan with goals, target dates, and homework. I always felt like I knew exactly what she was working on and how to practice at home. She pinpointed exactly how to best work with my son, what motivates him, how to get him to attend and how to make him proud of his successes within just two short sessions. As a result, he was always happy to go to his sessions and proud of his new skills. He flew through his program and after just a few months, has no speech problems at all! With a son who had PDD-NOS, we have worked with our fair share of therapists, and my husband and I are forever grateful to the Speech Therapy Group; their professionalism and expertise played no small part in our son’s recovery.”
     – Former Client

“Incredible therapists. My son has seen 4 speech therapists in the past and he has made more progress here than with all 4 combined”… The therapists are “dynamic, fun, yet a professional demeanor. My son enjoys his therapy and is motivated to improve. I also appreciate the therapist bringing in another therapist for an opinion on my son”. 
    – Former Client

“I like how professional the office is – one call and the appointment is set up – no last minute changes – and very accommodating.”
     – Former Client

*Disclosure Notice:  All testimonials were solicited from non-active clients, as feedback was requested upon discharge of services and are specific to client perspective.* 

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